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‭"‬Library Lion‭," ‬based on one of Time Magazine's 100‭ ‬best Children's books of All Time‭, ‬by Michelle Knudsen‭, ‬will stage as site-specific theater at the Boston Public Library | McKim Building in September-October 2024‭. ‬The musical play features a cast of five actors and three puppeteers who operate a puppet designed and built by Jim Henson's company‭.‬

Library Lion

A musical play to be staged as site-specific musical play at the Boston Public Library

Library Lion Michelle Knudsen & Kevin Hawkes
Time Magazine Best 100 Children Book of all times
Boston Public Library

In the library, there are books. But also very clear rules: no shouting, no running, no eating or drinking. But what happens when one day a lion enters the library?


He doesn't roar or rampage, and contrary to expectations, he peacefully joins storytelling hour. Not everyone is okay with this, after all, he doesn't abide by the rules. (A lion? In the library? – that's completely out of order!) It will be revealed that rules are important to follow, but not only that: That it is also very important, to dust off some of these rule books as well. 


Prepare for a theatrical experience that will roar its way into your heart. Don't miss this enchanting adaptation, where stories come alive and where even the wildest of guests might just find a place to belong.

Ages:  4 - 10
Duration: 60 minutes
Premiere: Boston Public Library, Main Branch, September 2024

Production Team

Playwright | Eli Bijaoui
Director | Ran Bechor
Music | Yoni Rechter
Set Design | Cameron Anderson
Puppet Design & Build | Jim Henson Company
Movement Puppet Director | Kate Brehm 
Costume Design | Ula Shebchuv
Props | Anna Vidergar

Based on the English Translation | M.Rodgers and A.Berris
Lyric Translation | Vivian Eden 
Lyric Translation ‘Oh Library’  | Ido Keren 
Producer | Wanda Strukus
Strategy Advisors  | BroadBand Collaborative
Pianist | Tomer Sne, Matan Yossuf

Boston Public Library (Historical Wing)
700 Boylston st. Boston, MA 02115 

September  2024

*The Actors and Stage Managers employed in this production are members of Actor’s Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.

Mr. McBee

Ms. Merriweather




Robert is delighted to be making his debut with Adam Theatre. He was most recently seen in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at North Shore Music Theatre, and ‘The Band's Visit' a co-production with The Huntington Theatre, and Speakeasy Stage.  Elsewhere he has performed in the National Tour: ‘GROUCHO: A Life in Review’ Chico Marx opposite Gabe Kaplan as Groucho. Trinity Repertory, Merrimack Repertory, The Lyric Stage Company, Greater Boston Stage, Wheelock Family Theatre, The Umbrella Stage, New Repertory, Boston Playwrights, Overture Productions, American Classics and was a cast member of Boston's long running production of ‘Shear Madness’. He is a Fellow of the 2000 Eugene O'Neil Cabaret Symposium and has performed numerous cabarets in New York and New England.

Robert Saoud

Robert Saoud*

Mr. McBee

Meet the Cast 

Library Lion Story

"‬Library Lion‭" ‬is a heartwarming story about a library that one day a lion walks into‭. ‬A real lion‭. ‬Because there are rules in this cultural space‭, ‬the librarian thinks it's no place for wild animals‭. ‬However‭, ‬the library director quickly explains‭: ‬‭"‬If he does not break the rules‭ - ‬then‭ ‬leave‭ ‬him‭ ‬be‭"‬

The lion becomes part of the daily life in the library‭, ‬helping the librarians and children‭, ‬listening to storytime‭. ‬Until one day‭, ‬the library director‭, ‬while trying to reach a high book‭, ‬stretches too far and falls‭. ‬Her arm breaks‭. ‬The lion‭, ‬who cannot speak‭, ‬roars for help‭, ‬but is misunderstood‭, ‬and is to leave the library for breaking the rules‭. ‬By the time his intentions are understood‭, ‬it's too late‭; ‬the lion has disappeared‭. ‬A team of people from the library‭, ‬and children set out to search for the‭ "‬Library Lion‭," ‬hoping to right the wrong done to the lion‭.‬


This is a wise and touching story about friendship‭, ‬accepting the other‭, ‬and how rules‭, ‬which may seem restrictive‭, ‬actually protect us from the arbitrary use of power in public spaces‭.‬

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