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Uncle Max’s Journey

Season 2025

The Story

The play is a reworking of a short children’s novel by the distinguished Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin. A play for children in rhymes with wonderful lyrics set to music by the renowned Israeli song writer Yoni Rechter. ​​


The play tells of a family whose father was drafted to the army to fight in the war, leaving the mother to attend to their young and only son. The boy deeply misses his father, spendings long hours daily at the window, waiting for him to return. Every night in bed, dreaming, he finds himself in a fantastic world, where he meets fictitious characters. Along the journey, he wakes up to help his mother and to check whether his father has already come back.


Max’s travels across lands, seasons, imaginary worlds and harsh reality. This is a play for the whole family, depicting the tension between the fighting on the front to the hardships back home, between the coping of a growing-up child to the struggle of the aging adults, between theater and circus and between audience and stage.

Uncle Max’s Team

Based on Hanoch Levin children's book illustrated by Hila Havkin

Playwright | Ran Bechor & Ido Keren

Music | Yoni Rechter

Directed | Ran Bechor

Translation | Naaman Tammuz 


Support for Adam Theater has been generously given from The Krupp Foundation. 

Photograhy: Uncle Max’ Journey -  Gerard Allon ©,  Book  Illustrated‭ ‬by‭  Hilla Havkin ©

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