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Who we are

Established, May 2023 Boston based Adam Theater is a non-profit 501(c)3 professional theater offering a repertoire of plays for young audiences and families. Adam Theater is co-founded by Artistic Director Ran Bechor & Executive Director Karin Sharav Zalkind.

Advisory Board


Olga Getmansky
Olga Getmansky

Graphic Designer

Tali Cherizli

Development Strategy

Our Supporters

Support for our inaugural production, Library Lion, has been generously given from The Krupp Foundation, The Philp & Bernice Krupp Foundation for Jewish Life. The production has been awarded the CJP Community Impact Grant, and the City of Boston Youth Development Grant. It is endorsed by the Boston Public Library. Puppet Design & Build The Jim Henson Company 

Karin Sharav Zalkind
Executive Director | Karin Sharav Zalkind

Adam Theater, dedicated to young audiences, serves as both an artistic space and a nurturing home. We emphasize the unique, ephemeral experience of live performance. Our goal is to stimulate children's imaginations through fairy tales, fantastical stories of distant worlds, magical moments, and enchanting experiences. These narratives immerse our young audiences in layered and complex scenarios, prompting them to explore questions of ethics, morality, justice, and freedom.


At Adam Theater, we believe that art and education aim to achieve similar objectives in the world, through different means: to ask questions about ethics, and to foster greater freedom for the individual. Ethics asks us, "How should one live?", "How should one treat others?", and "What constitutes justice?" Freedom seeks to expand our modes of action and the liberty to think, illustrating that everything we consider necessary is, in fact, our choice — yes, even the ability to fly and the laws of physics. Art and education aim to enable us to see the world as a realm of possibilities.


As a contemporary theater for young audiences, Adam Theater focuses on two types of poetics: textual and visual. We utilize a unique language that highlights the tension between the fictional world and the mechanics of theater. Rather than presenting a fully-formed, closed fantastical world, we encourage children to imagine the fictional realm while understanding the workings of the theater. This approach allows the imagery to be constructed within our young audiences' minds. We strive to provide a theater that constantly questions its relevance and emphasizes live performance and the direct encounter between art and its audience. 


Each high quality art performance immerses children in a new world filled with dilemmas, heroes, obstacles, friends, and diverse ways of human behavior. The questions posed on stage reflect the real-world challenges children face. This comprehensive theater experience fosters both identification and empathy with the characters while also providing the necessary distance to contemplate these legendary figures. Through this process, children unravel the fictional world, gaining insights into themselves and shaping their own personal hero's journey.


Adam Theater is a theater for the entire family; it invites families to come and watch together artworks that will serve as a common fictional world for the family and the community, through which it is possible to generate a conversation about everyday life, culture, and ethical questions. We invite you to join us on this magical journey, where every performance is an opportunity to inspire, educate, and cultivate the imaginations of the next generation.

Ran Bechor
Artistic Director | Ran Bechor 
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