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Children need their own theater, a theater that expresses their human experience, that asks questions at their eye-level, and helps them articulate their personal journey. Based in Boston, Adam Theater creates captivating contemporary theater for young audiences, celebrating diverse facets of child development in today's world. Rooted in Hebrew culture, our financially and geographically accessible performances explore universal themes that resonate with children from all backgrounds.

Our inaugural production, Library Lion, is powered by CJP Community Impact Grant, and has been selected as a grantee for the Youth Development Fund for the City of Boston



*Adam Theater is a non-profit 501(c)3 EIN # 92-3415408

Man with balloons illustration by Hila Havkin
Library Lion
LIBRARY LION. Text copyright © 2006 by Michelle Knudsen. Illustrations copyright © 2006 by

Library Lion ||  Summer 2024 

Based on one of the 100 Best Children's Books of All Times, by Time Magazine .


LIBRARY LION written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. Adapted into a massive successful musical play by the renowned playwright Eli Bijaoui. Music by Yoni Rechter. 

Lion Puppet by Jim Henson's Creature Shop

In the library, there are books. But also very clear rules: no shouting, no running, no eating or drinking. But what happens when one day a lion enters the library? He doesn't roar or rampage, and contrary to expectations, he peacefully joins storytelling hour. Not everyone is okay with this, after all, he doesn't abide by the rules. (A lion? In the library? – that's completely out of order!) It will be revealed that rules are important to follow, but not only that: That it is also very important, to dust off some of these rule books as well. 

Prepare for a theatrical experience that will roar its way into your heart. Don't miss this enchanting adaptation, where stories come alive and where even the wildest of guests might just find a place to belong.

LIBRARY LION. Text copyright © 2006 by Michelle Knudsen. Illustrations copyright © 2006 by Kevin Hawkes. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA. Adapted into a massive successful play with songs by Eli Bijaoui.

Lady with yo-yo illustration by Hila Havkin

Uncle Max’ Journey ||  Season 2025

A play for children in rhymes with wonderful lyrics set to music by the renowned Israeli song writer Yoni Rechter. The play is a reworking of a short children’s novel by the distinguished Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin.

The play tells of a family whose father was drafted to the army to fight in the war, leaving the mother to attend to their young and only son. The boy deeply misses his father, spendings long hours daily at the window, waiting for him to return. Every night in bed, dreaming, he finds himself in a fantastic world, where he meets fictitious characters. 

Along the journey, he wakes up to help his mother and to check whether his father has already come back.

Max’ travels across lands, seasons, imaginary worlds and harsh reality. This is a play for the whole family, depicting the tension between the fighting on the front to the hardships back home, between the coping of a growing-up child to the struggle of the aging adults, between theater and circus and between audience and stage.

*translation of song from Hebrew to English || Donny Inbar

Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Laura Conrad Mandel
Laura Conrad Mandel (she/her) is an artist, social entrepreneur, and executive director of the Jewish Arts Collaborative. Laura grew up in Newton, MA, and after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Art and English, Laura worked at the Hillel JUC of Pittsburgh and Hadassah Southern California. She is Board Chair of the Council of American Jewish Museums, co-chair of the Lyric Stage Advisory Committee, serves on the MASSCreative Advisory Council, and the JCRC Boston Council. Laura loves going on adventures with her husband Mike and kids Zac and Hazel, and cuddles with her kitties, Prince and Bowie.
James Geary
James Geary is an adjunct lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, a lecturer in the English and Journalism departments at Boston University, and a lecturer in the Journalism Program at Brandeis University. He has also taught at Bennington College, Tufts University and the Harvard Extension School. From 2013 to 2023, he was the deputy curator of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard and editor of Nieman Reports. He is the former editor of the European edition of Time magazine. He is the author of five nonfiction books: Wit's End: What Wit Is, How It Works, and Why We Need It; I Is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and How It Shapes the Way We See the World; Geary's Guide to the World's Great Aphorists; the New York Times bestseller The World in a Phrase: A Brief History of the Aphorism; and The Body Electric: An Anatomy of The New Bionic Senses.
BU_Faculty_Geary, J_001397.jpg
Liraz Evenor-0014 - preferred - square.jpg
Liraz Evenor
Liraz Evenor is a Managing Director in Bain Capital North America Private Equity Portfolio Group. She leads investments in Consumer & Retail sectors. In her role, Liraz partners with executive teams to help them achieve exceptional results, by driving transformational change, accelerating growth and strengthening their operations and organizations.  Prior to joining Bain Capital Private Equity, Ms. Evenor worked at the Boston Consulting Group, where she led engagements across a variety of industries including CPG, Health Care and Industrials. She founded the BCG Tel Aviv office.  Before BCG, Ms. Evenor worked as an attorney at Caspi & Co. Advocates & Notaries, a prominent Israeli law firm, where she led international transactions, mergers & acquisitions, and civil litigations. Previously, Ms. Evenor served in the Special Forces in the Israeli Air Force.  Ms. Evenor holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business. She earned her Bachelor's Degrees, summa cum laude, in Law and Economics from Tel Aviv University. Ms. Evenor serves as a Trustee on the Boston Ballet Board of Trustees, where she helps the leadership team achieve their strategic and business vision and objectives.
Bobby Perino
After attending California Pacific College for the Performing Arts, and performing around the  world, Bobby moved to New York in 2010. While pursuing degrees in education and psychology  in New York he found his true passion in the event industry.  While managing various restaurants and catering companies in NY this led him to Olivier Cheng  Catering and Events. Over the course of five years Bobby held the positions of Maître D’,  Training and Recruiting Specialist, and ultimately becoming the Executive Assistant to the  President and CEO. With knowledge, experience, and drive to create exceptional and extraordinary events he became the Catering Director of Mint Catering in 2016. In 2017 Bobby moved to Boston to join the  renowned MAX Ultimate Food as the General Manager. He became the Vice President in May of  2023.  Bobby currently sits on the Board of Advisors of the Boston Ballet and the Board of Advisors of  the Huntington Theatre Company.
KM_Headshots-Matthew_Web (1).JPG
Matt Thompson 
Matthew Thompson is a licensed Realtor® in the Greater Boston area. He was born and raised
on Cape Cod where he first fell in love with theater at an early age. He eventually joined the
Falmouth Theatre Guild, a local community theater in Falmouth, MA. With the Falmouth
Theatre Guild, Ma(hew performed for over a decade in countless productions working with
many talented actors. 
Matthew moved up to the Boston area eight years ago where he is still very involved with the arts. In addition to sitting on the Board of Advisors for the Adam Theater, he also serves on the Board of Advisors for The Huntington Theater as co-chair of “The Hunt”, their young donors’ group. He is involved with the New Frontier Network with the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Foundation. He is passionate about the arts and ensuring it is accessible for all. Being a part of this organization helps strengthen his belief in ensuring children are exposed to quality theater at a young age.
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